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513 Great Ideas on the Wall. Pass ‘Em Around!

Kudos to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Pioneer Pitch team for generating 513 submissions of innovations that have the potential to transform health care.Screen Shot 2013-09-09 at 7.31.02 PM

The submissions respond to a provocative invitation: Tell us your “vision for how the world could be if only we could develop a new approach or ask a different set of questions.” This challenge to upend conventional wisdom just isn’t made enough in any sector – especially health care.

The submissions are worth a read. Pantheon submitted an idea for a “Public Health Graph” that challenges the way data is currently segregated or hoarded to the detriment of patient and public health. Sure there are very important privacy concerns that must be addressed, but powerful and amazing things can happen when data streams merge.

We think the Public Health Graph could be transformative for health care – one of the goals of the “Pioneer Pitch Day.” Whether we’re selected or not, we’re looking forward to the discussion around a host of great ideas. Thank you to RWJF’s Pioneer Pitch team for seeking out new ideas and fresh thinking in health care.

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