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Glenstone Museum Launches Website to Accompany Remarkable Expansion of Art, Architecture and Landscape Collections

** (May 15, 2013) – An exciting update… Since Glenstone museum was featured in the Sunday New York Times, visitors to the museum have increased nearly four fold with more than 1,000 visitors scheduled in May alone. 

Known for delivering complex content with impact, Pantheon was pleased to help launchGlenstone glenstone.org to coincide with the Maryland museum’s major $125 million expansion. The new website’s information and scheduling functions are handling the surge of interest with ease and style.

Glenstone’s distinctive blend of art, architecture and nature is the creation of Maryland husband and wife Mitchell and Emily Rales. Developing a website featuring Glenstone’s distinctive appeal and drawing visitors was a personal and professional privilege for Pantheon staff.

“From the beginning, Pantheon was much more than a technology partner creating a beautiful website; they quickly became collaborators in the task of creating an interactive and digital exploration of art, architecture and landscape, intuiting the finer tenets of Glenstone’s mission and vision to create a seamless experience for our ever-growing audience,” said Glenstone Visitors Center Coordinator Suzanne Gold. “This new site gives Glenstone a place to communicate with visitors on an international scale, inviting aficionados and novices alike to experience the museum’s unique philosophy and seamless integration of art, architecture and landscape.”

The minimalist, interactive design of the website reflects the unique personality and mission of Glenstone as an immersive experience of discovery and learning. With the goal of creating an easy and intuitive tour-scheduling functionality which will affect visitors for years to come, the website also includes an array of practical functions including the ability to:

  • Preview the Glenstone experience and prepare for tours
  • Schedule visits
  • Receive updates and communicate with museum staff
  • Browse and search past exhibitions
  • Visit via mobile devices (e.g. tablets and smartphones)

“Designing and launching a website that introduces visitors to the expansion of one of the largest collections of contemporary art on the East Coast in which the exquisite architecture and landscaping were equally featured was an extraordinary challenge and privilege for Pantheon staff,” said Pantheon president Mark Tobias.  “We’re very pleased with the aesthetics and functionality of the website you see today, but it was also created with an eye toward the future, creating a platform that will grow and scale with Glenstone over time as it embarks on an ambitious expansion.”

Slated for completion in 2016, Glenstone’s physical expansion intends to more than double the size of its collections, create a sustainable meadow and flowering water garden and increase its visitors tenfold.

Pantheon was pleased to partner with LookThink to develop the Glenstone museum website design. LookThink’s creativity produced some impressive aesthetic touches to the website design. The parallax design features sweeping landscape photography of the museum 200-acre grounds. Visitors can click on various onscreen pop-up elements to delve deeper into collections or topics presented on the site, providing an interactive experience of discovery and learning.

In the midst of the rich, multi-layered experience, there remains a persistent and very visible navigation tool to help visitors quickly move to core functionalities like scheduling a visit, getting directions and communicating with staff.

When its expansion is complete, Glenstone will be open five days a week and admission will continue to be free. Reservations will still be required because the Rales want to make sure Glenstone is never overcrowded.