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Welcome to Pantheon

I’d like to introduce you to a new Pantheon. It is the result of what could fairly be described as a coming of age story. Since its founding 20 years ago, Pantheon truly has come into its own. It began as a young startup and became a teenager struggling to find itself. It went through its awkward years, had some growing pains, but now it is ready to announce itself – its true self – to the world.

Technology done well, does good.

This statement expresses our firmly held philosophy and the belief system behind all of the work we do for our clients. Yes, in the end we build web solutions, but what makes us different is our focus on the missions of our clients. We work to help organizations do whatever it is they do, but do it better.

What does better look like? That is the question that drives us. It is what we use to conceive solutions. It’s how we solve problems. It’s how we create new products. It’s how we help organizations be leaders in their markets. We begin by asking “What does better look like?” The answer lays out a path.

When we asked ourselves that question, we knew the time had come to reintroduce ourselves. Yes, we create technology solutions. We architect and problem solve and conceive and execute. We do it all well. But how can we do it better? We begin by doing a better job explaining ourselves.

Technology done well, does good.

We believe in that statement. We believe that technology is powerful, that it can contribute in defining ways to an organization’s mission. We know that technology can – and should – make things better. It shouldn’t be the bane of anyone’s existence. Implementing a new website shouldn’t leave you frustrated, or feeling like you just got fleeced. We believe that technology should lift up an organization, and that when it is designed and implemented well, it has the power to effect real change. By using technology in smart and strategic ways, organizations can contribute to eradicating disease, alleviating hunger, improving health care, changing the world.

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