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When a vaccination program is safe and effective, it is invisible.

Publicity isn't always a good thing. But while immunization managers don't usually make the front page, they are critical to a vaccine program's success. And working with the support and collaboration of a broader network makes them even stronger.

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Introducing the International Association of Immunization Managers.

IAIM launched in 2013 as the first-ever international professional association for immunization managers - those responsible for directing immunization programs. The organization supports the needs of immunization managers and provides them with opportunities for both exchange of ideas and also leadership in their industry.

Debuting a new organization, a new website, a new brand.

More support, effective vaccination, healthy people, powered by technology

Immunization is the unsung hero of global health. From polio to smallpox, diseases that once ravaged our country and many others are being controlled and even eradicated through well-run vaccination programs located around the world.

IAIM was founded because the immunization advocacy community recognized a need for a collaborative network to support immunization managers. When the Sabin Vaccine Institute launched the association, it knew that this global community would need a strong online hub to share best management practices, innovations, and ideas. Sabin turned to Pantheon to help design a website that would serve this purpose - connecting immunization managers to the information they need, and to each other.

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Partnered with Pantheon, the path was clear.

"Pantheon is at the cutting edge of web design that is responsive to user needs and delivers the right information and connections at the right time. We were always told that if you like it, fine, if you don't, we'll go back to the drawing board. Our Gates Foundation grant manager said, 'this is beyond our expectation."

— Peter CarrascoDirector, International Association of Immunization Managers, Secretariat

It was clear from the beginning that the website's purpose was to connect immunization managers to expertise and resources. It would be important to offer information tailored to each user's interests and needs. For instance, users working on cholera would be connected to verified experts, discussion forums, best practices, photo galleries, and research on identifying and controlling that disease. Customization is important, because immunization managers face unique challenges based on location, politics, health provider capacity, and population.

The site removes the barriers of borders, time zones, and isolation, allowing a diverse and disparate population to engage in peer-to-peer discussion, training, and skill-building 24 hours a day, seven days a week. And as IAIM works to build its membership, the customized customer relationship management (CRM) tool Pantheon built will help by letting the organization email a targeted list and gauge responses in real-time.

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